PNGFA challenges whistleblower to name names

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The National, Friday 26th April 2013

 THE national soccer body wants Customs officer Janet Sesevi to name names.

The PNG Football Association said it did not take lightly any member of its touring party found to have brought the game into disrepute. 

“Whether it’s a player or team management their days are numbered, and when we do establish who the culprit is he or she can kiss representative duties goodbye,” association chief executive officer, Dimirit Mileng said.

He said an extensive investigation into Sesevi’s claims national Under-20 players were drunk and disorderly on the flight home search had not found “any material evidence to prove the incident”. 

“The players, on arrival at Jackson’s international terminal, were meet by PNGFA officers and a former senior vice president.

He said Sesevi could help the probe by the names of the players rather than accusing the PNGFA of a cover-up. 

“If these are players from Port Moresby, we want their names and not just a blanket accusation,” Mileng said.  

“If Sesevi wants to help football develop, give us the names of those who have supported the claim that players were drunk and disorderly on the plane. 

“The PNGFA will not tolerate such behaviour from either the management or the players,” he said.

“Do not just use the media to score points by blaming others, if you feel it is not right than do the right thing, provide the information on who are these players and those who supported the claim of drunken players. 

“I invite Janet Sesevi to call me on 72842299 to provide that information.”