PNGFA queries duo’s status

Lae City’s Ecuadorian recruits lack info for transfer

THE status of the two Ecuadorian players contracted to play for Kumul Petroleum National Soccer League champions Lae City is unknown as some of their information is missing, PNGFA general-secretary Dimirit Mileng says.
He said information vital to tracking the players’ origins was not available.
“A letter sent by the Lae City FC on Dec 12, 2019, with the names of the players and their age, is not enough information to track these players. Importantly, if the players have a registered player agent, it would make it even more helpful to the players and the club receiving them,” Mileng said.
The PNGFA emailed the Ecuadorian Football Association on Dec 18, 2019, but received no response from them on Abdias Antonio Aguirre and Gustine Icaza Vergara.
PNGFA than emailed Fifa to seek assistance through the transfer management system (TMS) as a follow up to verify if the players were registered on the system.
“These players could not be located on the TMS because they probably have not been registered on the system,” Mileng said. “The question PNGFA has are: What club these players played for? What association is their club registered to? Which part of the country are these players playing in? Do these players have identification numbers as per their registration?”
Mileng said it would help if PNGFA had a letter of release from the players’ former club to assist in the processing of the ITC which was not available at the time of the request.
“PNGFA is here to assist but relies on the club requesting an ITC to provide information such as, national association, club name and status, a player’s ID, a player’s pass port details, and a letter of release from the former club and any other information that will help the process,” he said.
“I stand to be corrected, but Lae City failed to provide certain vital information in the first instance to assist with the process and that’s the reason for the delay in the release of the ITC through the TMS.”
Mileng said he had called on the club president to assist with some information on the two players and hopefully that would help to obtain the ITC sooner.