PNGFA votes out 2 members


MOROBE Soccer Association (MSA) and Higaturu Soccer Association (HAS) are not member associations (MAs) of Papua New Guinea football association, says president John Kapi Natto.
Kapi Natto said the recent congress had voted out MSA from the PNGFA for technical reasons which he did not state.
“I know there are issues in Morobe as to whether MSA or Lae Football Association (LFA) is the recognised association by PNGFA and I now say that MSA has been voted out by the congress and not me individually, so there should not be any more confusion,” Kapi Natto told The National.
“For Higaturu Soccer Association, the congress has simply voted it out due to a lack of concrete documentation such as records of running local competitions.”
Kapi Natto said his office had been receiving queries on some soccer associations around the country for not running local competitions and other issues.
He said that he could not remove these associations from PNGFA because the discussions were currently going on to sort out issues that were of concern before decisions were made.
“There are standards that we have to adhere to such as compliance and good governance as per Fifa’s recommendations.
“PNGFA will set a scorecard say up to 10 from which to assess and determine the performances of our 18 MA’s and others of interest in aspects of good governance and compliances. These are our statutes and guide as required of us by the Fifa.
Kapi Natto said all associations would be given due dilligence to meet the Fifa standard.
He said those associations failing to meet the requirements would have to go back to the drawing board and work to get back in.

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