PNGMC puts the record straight

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, February 8, 2011

THE writer “Seafarer for life” should stop hiding behind a pseudonym so that we can have a meaningful debate.
I believe there is nothing to hide.
In the meantime, for the benefit of the writer, the current principal also managed the last incentive fund project in 2003, which finished on time and on budget.
At that time, he was also head of department and lecturing for 14 hours per week, something not required this time.
With this particular contract, the principal also has the benefit of the assistance from his three senior managers in ensuring the project runs smoothly.
Multi-tasking is an essential part of every senior manager’s job, and it is based on experience gained.
The principal can provide the CVs of all the senior managers if he knows where to send them.
The PNG incentive fund has many checks and balances that need to be adhered to throughout the term of the contract.
There are strict conditions on the acquittal of funds.
If the writer has a better system, then please let us know.
The whole point of this process is to maximise the use of funding for the benefit of the students and staff at the college.
Proven in-house management is the most cost effective means of maximising this funding.
The incentive fund went through an exhaustive process of analysing and evaluating the capability of the college management before agreeing to such a system.
There is continuous dialogue between management and staff to discuss issues and implement change as required.
Does the writer want to be part of this process?
If so, we need to know who he/she is.
The project has not even begun, so why criticise and find fault?
This country and the PNG Maritime College have a bright future.


Richard Coleman