PNGMS supports new medical centre

National, Normal

THE PNG Medical Society (PNGMS) fully supports the Government’s proposed construction of the state-of-the-art multi-million-kina Pacific Medical Centre (PMC).
PNGMS president Dr Mathias Sapuri said it was time the country had a high-tech hospital to complete the nation’s entire health spectrum.
“The health system in PNG is made up of aid posts, health centres, provincial and base hospitals and PMC will complete the whole system.
“PNG needs to establish a high state-of-the-art hospital because we don’t have one now,” he said.
He said the society had been in close consultation with the parties involved
in the proposed project from the beginning.
Dr Sapuri called on those who opposed the project to set aside their differences and work together.
“Those who criticise PMC have no heart for PNG.
“Let’s work together to accomplish our goal,” he said in response to
negative public feedback following the announcement of the proposed PMC.
He said the people should not think that the money allocated for the project could be used to fix or upgrade existing health facilities like the Port Moresby General Hospital (POMGH) which have already been allocated funding.
“PMC is a golden opportunity for training as well,” he said.
“The opportunity can be used to build a post-graduate medical school, providing specialist training.
“The advantage of training that the hospital can provide in the area of biomedical engineering and nursing care must also be given top consideration for supporting PMC,” Dr Sapuri said.