PNGMTWU abides by rules, court order

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I REFER to the letter “PNGMTWU in breach of own rules” (The National, April 19) by “Frustrated”.
I want to set the record straight as the writer is obviously ignorant of our rules and constitution and ignorantly misled the public.
Under the rules and constitution, the general secretary does not have the po­wer to remove from office an elected office-bearer.
This power is vested in the national executive.
In the event the president resigns from employment, he/she does not automatically resign from his position in the union.
The rules and constitution provide for the president to continue in a careta­ker role until the next election if he did not resign from his elected position beforehand.
The election has been temporarily suspended by the industrial registrar of Department of Labour due to the question of the eligibility of one of the candidates, who has referred the matter to National Court for a decision.
The PNG Electoral Commission will conduct the elections following a decision on the candidate’s eligibility by the National Court.


R McAlister
General secretary PNGMTWU