PNGNRL must produce game plan to end violence

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The National

I READ with interest the report in The National about the advise Paul Broughton, PNG NRL bid team adviser, has to offer.
The most immediate concern at the moment is whether the PNGNRL has any plans to counter this growing problem. 
In the 16-year history of the semi-professional rugby league competition, the PNGNRL has failed to show a mature approach and find options to end this problem.
The bid to have PNG team in the NRL competition is a huge step for a country and administration that still do not have proper resources, capacity and expert knowledge to deal with violence at home. 
The advice by Mr Broughton is spot on.
As such, I call on the PNGNRL to get its house in order and overhaul the administration to bring the sport to a higher level.
It cannot sit idly for the next 10 years.
The process to effect changes must start now and, with it, must come a whole new perspective on stopping violence.

Ronald Omaro
Via email