PNGRFL 7th annaul meeting to elect new board chairman


THE Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League seventh annual meeting will see 30 affiliated leagues elect a new board chairman next month at the National Football Stadium in Port Moresby.
Sandis Tsaka has held the position for two terms (six years).
His term expired this month but due to sickness the meeting was deferred.
He told The National yesterday that affiliates would decide whether he should continue.
“This is the prerogative of the affiliates to nominate candidates from inside of rugby league or outside for the chairmanship,,” Tsaka said.
He said while they achieved a lot in development, they faced a lot of challenges in the domestic and international.
“In six years we achieved this and credit should go to a lot people, including the PNGRFL board,” he said.
“If we are voted out, the new chairman should continue to develop the game.”
The National was told that certain individuals in the Southern and Highlands regions were lobbying to remove Tsaka.
These included current confederation directors (Southern) Gwaibo Mairi and (Highlands) Joe Tokam.
Southern director Mairi added that all the affiliates should meet the requirements before they started lobbying. Twenty leagues are supporting the campaign.
The Southern block has 15 affiliated members and will nominate a candidate for the chairman who is based in Port Moresby as well as a new candidate for the director.
All nomination forms for the PNGRFL board chairman and confederation chairman should be distributed to the 30 affiliated leagues.