PNGRFL administrators must pack up and go

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I REFER to your report “Gene calls for unity” (Nov 25).
I commend Stanley Gene for coming out for the first time since the disastrous Four Nations.
What many Papua New Guineans were hoping for was a good performance by the Kumuls because they saw an outstanding display in the Pacific Cup under former Kumul coach Adrian Lam.
In fact, it was his team that made it to the Four Nations.
Although we did not expect to beat anyone in the Four Nations, we were hoping for an upset and an improved performance.
Instead, we ended up getting thrashed, leaving fans frustrated and calling for heads to roll.
I do understand the level and intensity of the game.
But the Kumuls were well groomed by Lam during the Pacific Cup until the new administration entered office.
That was when everything started to go wrong.
For the sake of the game and the integrity of the sport, all those involved in the administration should resign.
That is the least fans expect.
Players are like soldiers, we equip them with the best weapon and send them out; if they survive and win the war, they will be rewarded with medals, even the commanders.
Likewise, if they lose badly, they should resign to protect their honour and integrity.
Gene is a young and has the potential to be a good coach.
But the PNGNRL administrators have damaged his reputation.
I support his call for unity but why make that call when the damage has already been done?

Hamana Hamana Gunigugu
Port Moresby