PNGRFL interim committee member refutes reports

Normal, Sports

The National, Friday, June 10th 2011

GARY Juffa, a member of the PNGRFL interim committee, has refuted media reports that the interim committee has met and endorsed several decisions.
Juffa said he had not attended an interim committee meeting as reported and was still awaiting such a meeting to be convened.
He said he had briefly attended what was a gathering of concerned persons which included members several business houses, the Sports Minister, the Rugby League International Federation and several other persons involved in rugby league in some way or another.
He added committee consists of John Numapo, David Tamtu and himself.
As such, Juffa said that the committee needed to meet within that membership and map out a strategy for its activities and consider important issues such as the annual general meeting.
He stated that he was upset at the manner in which the chairman was now unilaterally making decisions without consulting either himself or Tamtu and he had come out in the media to clarify that the recent decision to appoint former Kumul  halfback and assistant coach Mark Mom as an interim secretary or interim administrator was not a decision that he endorsed or was even consulted on.
“I have nothing against Mark Mom but would like the decision on the appointment to be a collective decision by the interim committee for purposes of transparency.
“A meeting needs to be convened where Numapo, Tamtu and myself determine what needs to be done in so far as the interim committee of the PNGRFL is concerned.”
Such a meeting would then arrive at resolutions and consider important activities that need to be carried out including the appointment of committees or persons and the AGM, Juffa said.