PNGRFL recognise Poka as president

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The National, Friday, April 29, 2011

PAPUA New Guinea Rugby Football League (PNGRFL) under re-appointed interim chairman John Numapo has recognised Paul Poka as the legitimate president of Madang Rugby Football League (MRFL).
PNGRFL operations manager Joe Tokam made the statement after MRFL elected Jack Taraika as  president in a meeting last week.
Tokam said in the recent court ruling on the PNGRFL, Justice Catherine Davani ruled out Bryan Kramer as chairman of PNGNRL.
Davani said the Nov 28 meeting conducted at Lae which elected Kramer was improper.
Tokam said Davani appointed a new interim committee comprised of Numapo, Gary Juffa and David Tamtu.
According to Tokam, Poka was elected on Nov 10 during a special general meeting last year with Taraika as the vice-president, however, Taraika and a faction of MRFL had undermined Poka’s election with the latest action.
President at the time Philip Welia was absent during the election of Poka and Taraika’s group claim this invalidated Poka’s presidency if court rulings on other rugby league matters were anything to by.
“The national rugby league body only recognises Poka as president,” Tokam said.
“For the common good of rugby league in Madang, Taraika’s group must refrain from opposing Poka and work together as a team for the betterment of MDRFL.”
Tokam appealed to club presidents and officials in Madang to cooperate with Poka’s administration and to continue running the competition.