PNGRFU faces vote

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The National – Thursday, June 23, 2011

A VOTE of no confidence notice has been issued against the current PNG Rugby Football Union (PNGRFU) executive.
The notice was sent out by Port Moresby Rugby Football Union (POMRFU) president Arnold Amet Jr to the PNGRFU and all affiliates last week.
The action taken stems from the PNGRFU’s alleged close ties with the newly established Metropolitan Rugby competition in Port Moresby.
Claims in recent months that more than 90% of players selected for the PNG 7s team have come from that competition has inflamed the situation.
POMRFU is also concerned that selection for the Pukpuks in the forthcoming FORU Cup will also be dominated by Metro RFU players.  
The POMRFU questioned how the PNGRFU had come to select players from that competition, without due consideration to players from other established affiliates like Morobe and Madang as well.
The notice advises the PNGRFU to convene a general meeting to address a number of pressing issues that have led to the POMRFU and a number of affiliates having no trust in the current leadership.
Items on the agenda include :
* A vote of no confidence in all current executives;
* The election of new PNGRFU executives;
* Amendments to the PNGRFU constitution;
* The structure PNGRFU management committee;
* Review of general manager’s report;
* Review of strategy plan;
* Review of the eligibility policy;
* Review of the national selection panel
* Bava Park; and
* An inquiry into allegations that certain persons have brought the game of rugby into disrepute.
Amet said although they wanted PNG to be competitive on the international rugby scene, the POMRFU believed this competitiveness could not come at the expense of the affiliates.
“Any national representative team must, by  large, reflect the best of what PNGRFU has to offer.”
Amet charged that the current selection policy was inconsistent and said a number of players from outside the union and code had gained places in the national side as well as the issue of players being allowed to code hop.
“It is a slap in the face of all affiliated union who are toiling to develop, sustain and promote rugby from the grassroots up,” he said.
The notice further stated that all current national selectors, trainers, coaches, managers positions had to be reviewed by the PNGRFU management.