PNGRFU must review and overhaul system

Letters, Normal

I AM not going to criticise any of the Pukpuk players as I believe they would have given their best in all the games they played.
Others may not be as kind as me.
But what I cannot understand is the huge score lines as it raises the question of whether we should continue playing in this circuit.
I feel PNGRFU should put its hand up, take a step back and review its decision.
Hopefully, this will save us from the embarrassing score lines.
To be the best, we need to play with the best. 
And it does not necessarily mean playing in the IRB circuit.
Luckily for us, the best are in the Pacific.
I suggest the PNGRFU considers sending individual players to play for teams in Samoa, Fiji or New Zealand.
I believe the exposure and experience they gain from such stints would do them a world of good.
People tend to adapt and learn better at their own pace.
It would be best to start with our young. Send our talented students to schools and play rugby as children tend to learn faster than adults.
This will ensure that the next batch of players from PNG is made up of high quality players.
I am sure PNGRFU is able to secure a few scholarships for our high school students in Fiji, Samoa, New Zealand or even South Africa.
We also need to ask ourselves what worked for us before and what has changed since then.
For example, today’s international players are fitter. How about height and speed?
It is also important to know the rules and how to use them to our advantage.
I am just tired of seeing my national team being kicked from here to kingdom come most of the time.


Ali Daveona
Via email