PNG’s cities, towns going to the dogs


I CANNOT remain silent when I notice a city or town in Papua New Guinea where petty criminals rule the streets.
It it is disgusting to see people spitting betel nuts all over the place, PMV drivers are smoking and chewing betel nuts while driving and the passengers are doing the same.
Port Moresby is one of the worst urban centres in PNG, if not, the worst.
It is not surprising that it was ranked third last in the list of the most livable cities in the world this year.
People are selling betel nuts everywhere in the city.
At Boroko, people are selling betel nut near the police station.
They have taken over the bus stops everywhere, putting their betel nuts on the seats, the place where commuters should be sitting on.
Port Moresby is supposed to be the capital city of PNG, but it looks as if it is a village full of settlers who are without hope and direction.
Where are the city MPs and the authorities?
How can they allow this to happen?
Where are they spending the millions of kina that is allocated for developing or cleaning our towns and cities?
This is not right.
Our country is 46-years-old.
But if you have lived long enough, you would have observed that the daily lives of people in a country operating on a billion-kina budget is much worse than it was in the 1970s and 1980s.
In the 1970s, PNG operated on a budget of a few millions of kina.
What has happened to PNG?
What has happened to Port Moresby?
What has happened to the provincial capitals in PNG?
We may ask the most important question: Who is responsible for the law and order issues on the streets and careless attitudes of people today?
I believe we should blame the MPs in charge of our cities and towns because they have the power and the resources to change this but are not doing anything about it.
MPs have offices full of paid people who should assist them to solve problems and resolve issues.
Are they still looking for better strategies to address such issues?
Isn’t five years long enough to find a solution?
Maybe it is time for them to leave so that someone else can take over the seats and start cleaning up our towns and cities.
The streets should not be ruled by petty criminals, drunkards or drug addicts.
The streets should be free for anyone to move about freely and safely.
The careless attitudes of people should be dealt with as well.
A good father disciplines his children.
A good MP should shape the attitudes of people.
MPs have the money, resources and support to change this.
Stop passing the buck around.
Own the problem and solve it.

PNG Patriot