PNGSDP spends K50m

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 22nd, 2013


THE PNG Sustainable Development Programme Ltd (PNGSDP) has spent K50 million on infrastructure projects in East New Britain, according to board director Rex Paki.

He said this on Saturday during the opening of the first part of the New Britain highway and the upper Toriu Bridge in the Gazelle district.

Paki said this money came from Ok Tedi in Western.

“Western province is sharing with the people of ENB through the PNGSDP board trust.”

Paki said the PNGSDP funded projects in ENB included:

  • K11.3 million for Kokopo town roads;
  • K3.9 million for road maintenance and rehabilitation programme from Laes Nari junction to Vudal;
  • K4.2 million for Kerevat bridge;
  • K3 million for Baliora road junction to Vunadidir, and
  • K3.7 million for the upper Toriubridge.

He said in the agriculture sector, K2.5 million was spent on construction of a 20 bedroom dormitory for cocoa farmers training and supply of new cocoa seedlings partnering with Laes Nari and NGIP Agmark.

“We also partnered with the Catholic, United and SDA churches to construct aid posts and residential houses worth K800,000 and classrooms and residential houses worth K950,000,” he said.

Paki told the gathering that when they received the request for funding for the upper Toriu Bridge, they did not hesitate to assist because of the excellent leadership in ENB.

“We at PNGSDP want to work in partnership with leaders at the national, provincial, LLG, NGOs and churches level. 

“We do not want to be involved in politics of projects but rather in those we feel must have an impact on people and we support the New Britain highway and bridge because if we can open up the economic corridor, there will be lot of impact for the people,” Paki said.