PNGSF staff undergo management training

The National,Wednesday June 29th, 2016

PAPUA New Guinea Sports Foundation staff in Lae have undergone training to better operate and manage the Olympic-size pool at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium.
The five men and one woman went through four days of training provided by Achilles James Peni, who is a consultant in water and waste water treatment technology and owner of Millennium Water Limited.
The refurbished pool is of Olympic standard and is one of two available in the country, the other one is in Port Moresby.
Peni, who has a wealth of experience in operating pools, says he wants to see the pool operating to serve its purpose.
“I trained six staff from the Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation to understand the fundamentals of running and operating the pool. What I covered with the staff is on quality control, the quality of water treatment which is very fundamental when talking about swimming pools.”
Peni said other areas he taught were administering and monitoring chemicals in pools.
“Swimming pool is about the science of it (chemistry) and mechanical part of it, the filtrations and chemical injection that goes in to run a swimming pool.
“The participants were grateful that I taught them the basic of understanding the pool. They work here for so many years, yet do not know the fundamentals of maintaining the pool.
“This is the first of its kind and I am glad that PNGSF has given me this opportunity.”
Peni said the main chemical that made the difference in pool management was chlorine.
It kills and controls algae growth, controls pollution and takes care of the health and safety of pool users.