PNGTA praises formation of anti-corruption group

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 22nd August 2012

THE Papua New Guinea Teachers’ Association has praised the establishment of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy Taskforce.
General secretary Ugwalubu Mowana said it was a milestone decision that brought relief to the people.
“The decision is a plus for the O’Neill government as Sweep continues its investigations on corrupt practices,” Mowana said.
“The people of PNG are sick and tired of huge sums of money going missing or being used for the interest of a few in our country, hence denying our people many basic services.”
Mowana said parliament, the judiciary and the public service must submit to correcting corrupt dealings, which had become systematic in all forms of government.
“More concerns cannot be expressed; action is needed to weed out bad practices that have become endemic.”
He said the high-level of mafia form of “white collar” corruption must be eradicated and those involved, including high-profile people, should face justice.
Mowana said all government institutes must strategise to support the new task force to bring about good governance and open up windows of hope for prosperity for the future.
Speaking in Port Moresby yesterday, Mowana said foreign investors should be checked so that business leaders coming from outside helped the economy and government serve the people.
He alleged some foreigners maybe involved in high-level corruption, using investment in PNG as means to dictate corrupt deals with local people.  
Mowana called on investigating agencies and the Ombudsman Commission to deal with former members of parliament and heads of institutions who faced allegations of mismanaging and abusing public funds.