PNGTA seeks answers to delay

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THE Papua New Guinea Teachers Association will consider industrial action over the continuous delay in negotiations on the union’s log of claims for improved salaries and allowances for teachers.
The association lodged the log of claim in July this year.
“After initial talks, the teaching services commission (TSC) had deliberately avoided further negotiations with the PNG Teachers Association with excuses that the Department of Personnel Management and the finance and treasury were to be involved in the talks,” PNGTA national vice-president Kila Avei said yesterday.
In a joint press conference with national general secretary Ugwalubu Mowana in Port Moresby yesterday, the union raised the concerns because of the national budget about to be presented in parliament this month.
Avei said last week the association and the commission had agreed on certain terms on salaries for teachers, however alleged that the TSC chairman had changed his position verbally informing the association that the negotiation would not continue until the PEA and government concluded their negotiations.  
“In this quarter of the year, the union continues to give the commission and the government a lot of relief of time to ensure that teachers needs are catered for through the current negotiations, however, the attitude of the commission is of deliberately absconding from the weekly meetings which cannot be tolerated anymore,” she added.
The association called on the TSC chairman to give every priority to the negotiation in the next few days.
PNGTA said the log of claims addressed the work value issue relating to changing work features in the teaching services as a result of the multi-sectoral education reform.
It was also highlighted that PNG teachers’ industrial process was under the teachers service conciliation and arbitration act.
“Therefore, the PNGTA wants to see that TSC as an employer must continue to dialogue in order to conclude a fixation agreement for the teachers in the country”.