Pok’s leadership making an impact


THE leadership of North Waghi MP Fabian Pok iks having a great impact on the lives of the people of his district.
We cannot deny the fact that we have been benefiting so much under his leadership, ever since he took up the public office in 2012.
The MP has done so much for the electorate.
The tangible benefits are known by the people of North Waghi district and we are very privileged to have a leader who has a heart for the people.
Pok has proven himself to be a legitimate and outstanding leader who uses the DSIP funds for the benefit of his constituents.
So far we have seen:

  • Roads upgradeed;
  • Rural electrification project completed;
  • Roofing irons delivered;
  • Police housing built;
  • Vehicles donated to health clinics;
  • Vehicles and grants for peace and good order committees; and
  • North Waghi tertiary students getting tuition fees assistance.

All these services have been fairly distributed to every part of the district, and Pok should get credit for that.
Hopefully people have thanked him for what he has done.
I am a son of the Andipang tribe of North Waghi district and I am studying law at the University of Papua New Guinea. I have benefitted from Pok’s assistance to students.
We don’t feel the taste of what is being offered when we take it for granted. We are not satisfied when we don’t appreciate it, and we only miss it when we keep a distance.
Leave your political differences aside and let us together focus and participate in the effective delivery of services to the people.
I pledge my full support to Pok’s leadership and I will vote for him in 2022.

John Malie Mol

One thought on “Pok’s leadership making an impact

  • Unfortunately Mr Pok’s leadership has been tarnished by the way he has increased the perception of sovereign risk in PNG. Mr Pok has tried to cancel the development licence for the Stanley gas field just when Repsol were selling its stake to Balang. Repsol is now unable to sell and is taking court action. Repsol is one of the largest oil and gas producers in the world and other oil and gas majors are watching closely.

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