Police: Bodies at track an isolated incident

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The National, Friday, May 20, 2011

THE bodies of the three people found on the Kokoda Track near Menari village, Central, last February were flown to Port Moresby at 10am on Tuesday. 
The remains underwent forensic examination upon arrival at the Port Moresby General Hospital morgue.
Police have identified the corpses as those of Aldo Iwago, 30, and wife Margaret Lokoloko, 22, from Iokea village, Malalaua district in Gulf, and sister Eunice Kose, 26. 
Sogeri police station commander Stanely Baroro said the bodies should be collected by family members for proper burial.    
He said Aldo’s remains consisted only of bones but those of the two women were mostly intact. 
“Police have not ruled out murder or foul play. There is a possibility they may have fallen victims to criminal elements,” Baroro said.
“It was an unfortunate and isolated incident to have happened after some years now,” he said. 
He said a team comprising three police officers were being helped by local trekkers, carrying out investigations and cross-examining witnesses.
“The local communities have been very helpful in the investigation that is into its second week,” he said, adding that they would return early next week.
When asked about security threats to trekkers and tourists planning to visit the Kokoda Track, Baroro said: “There are no threats and I can assure tourists planning to come to PNG that general policing in the area is good and continuing.”
Baroro confirmed an accident last Friday at Sogeri involving a Northern MP along with three other occupants.
“There were no serious casualties but only minor injuries were sustained,” he said.
He said the four were under the influence of alcohol at the time.