Police after Baker aides

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A HOSPITAL nurse and a man are to be arrested soon for being accessories to the highly wanted robbery gang leader Tommy Baker, pictured.
The Alotau General Hospital nurse, who allegedly smuggled medicine to treat Baker, has also been sacked for refusing to reveal the hideout of the seriously injured gang leader in Milne Bay.
Police have urged the man, who is believed to have provided support in the form of things like dinghy, fuel and food for Baker, to surrender.
Southern Region Commander Asst Comm John Maru said the hospital management had sacked the nurse after “we wrote to them about her alleged link with Baker”.
“We have been requesting her to bring Baker out from his hideout and admit him to the hospital for medical treatment. But she did not cooperate with us, so we wrote to the hospital,” he added.
Maru said the nurse and suspected Baker accomplice who provided logistical support would soon be arrested.
Maru added: “We have also identified another man who is suspected to have provided logistics to Baker and his gang members to conduct criminal activities. And Baker is believed to be seriously injured after a shootout with the police last month. He should surrender and get proper treatment at the hospital. And we are now closing down on his hideout near Alotau Town”.
Maru said: “We also have information that the nurse had come to Port Moresby to arrange Baker’s escape from Bomana prison. So far, there is satisfactory cooperation from the public in the province.
“We have liaised with the provincial women’s group and churches to reach out to the remaining suspected gang members to surrender.”
The commander said police had dismantled Baker’s gang, and that his remnant gang members were now on the run.
“Baker’s deputy Michael Mekere Yawi has abandoned him and is hiding in Rabaraba District. Yawi’s younger brother is also on the run after he was suspected to have torched former Provincial Police Commander Insp George Bayagau’s vehicle last month”.

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