Police against comp payments

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The National, Thursday February 20th, 2014

 POLICE have discouraged people from paying compensation to victims of offences in an attempt to stop them from going to court.

Western Highlands provincial police commander Superintendent Martin Lakari told a group of people from Jika and Moge last Saturday at Pope’s Oval that compensation payment hindered the work of the police.

“I want to warn the village leaders and councillors not to come and ask police to withdraw charges on offenders that we charged and lock them up,” he said.

He said after a man had been charged and locked up by police for an offence, the man’s relatives would pay “compensation” to the victim of the offence to withdraw the case or refuse to appear in court to testify.

Lakari said police would never withdraw charges on any offender when requested.

He said compensation protected offenders from facing justice and these same people continued to cause problems.

“When one of your men break a law and go into hiding, make it your duty to hand him over to the police,” he said. 

Lakari urged the Moge leaders to hand over suspects who murdered a young Jika-Milakamp boy.