Police allay fears of retaliation

The National, Wednesday July 13th, 2016

PEOPLE from Enga leaving Southern Highlands in fear of retaliation by the relatives of the late student, Graham Romanong, should remain as the relatives are peace-loving people, police say.
Assistant commissioner police (Western end) Chief Supt Mark Yangen told The National that there was no threat. He said people left in fear of becoming victims of retaliation.
“From day one, there were two separate marches done at the provincial capital in Mendi, but not even a single property was touched.
“It simply shows that the relatives are peace-loving people and have maintained peace,” he said.
Yangen said some Engan public servants left the day after Romanong was killed at the Lae University of Technology.
However,  their properties left unattended were looted by opportunists, he said.
Yangin said most public servants had been working in Southern Highlands for many years and were known to be Southern Highlanders and they should return to work.
“Police in Mendi acted and removed the opportunists and now their homes and properties are under police protection and we are waiting for them to return,” Yangen said. He said students attending Mendi School of Nursing and Mendi Secondary School also left province.
“I support deputy administrator (provincial headquarter) Ambe Keleli’s statement in the media that there is no threat,” Yangin said.