Police appeal for help from local leaders

Anton Billie

DEPUTY Commissioner of Police, Operations Anton Billie says there are heavy police presence providing security at Porgera township following continuous tribal fighting but their local leaders should step in and help.
“It is not only the duty of the police to restore peace and good order in Porgera all the time there is tribal fighting,” he said.
“It’s about time leaders in the province should step in and assist police to address the ongoing issue of tribal fighting.”
Billie said many police personnel had lost their lives while trying to bring peace and good order during tribal fights and it was unfair on their families.
“Unnecessary tribal fighting has claimed the lives of police and soldiers who were there to restore peace and this has to stop,” he said.
Billie said the Wabag-based police mobile squad 9 would be working with the mobile squad 11 from Tari tomorrow.
“The two mobile squads would be shifting as directed by the commissioner,” he said.
He urged the locals in Porgera who have been involved in tribal fighting to surrender to police if they want peace.
“Police cannot always come to bring peace – the locals should sometimes surrender with their weapons and let the law take its course.”
Billie said with all the damage caused by recent tribal fighting in the township, it had instilled fear among the public.
“Peace should be restored by this week if the people of Porgera want to be in peace as they vote for their leaders during the election,” he said.

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