Police appeal for safe return of couple

Lae News, Normal

THE Buang people of Morobe province have until Dec 15 to hand over the Labu-Talie couple they kidnapped on the morning of Nov 30 in their food garden – that is the message from the Momase and Border Police Commander Giossi Labi.
Assistant Commissioner Labi warned yesterday that if by that date the couple was not safely back in their village he would personally lead police into the Buang area to look for them.
ACP Labi warned that if that happened it would be nasty.
In a recorded message broadcast over Radio Morobe last night, ACP Labi appealed for common sense and asked the Buang people to hand over the couple without harm.
He said the Member for Bulolo Sam Basil had already appealed to his own Buang people for the safe return of the couple.
“I ask you to do the same and I ask all Buang leaders to work together in securing the release of the couple.
“Christmas is near and the couple must be back safely in their own village with their children and family,” ACP Labi said.
“I ask  all Morobe leaders to stand together to stop this type of behaviour.
“If  by 4.06pm on Dec 15 the couple is not returned to their own village, I will personally lead police into Buang to look for them.
“I warn whoever is holding them that the law will deal with you,” ACP Labi said.
“Return the couple and take any issues you have to peaceful discussions to resolve through lawful and peaceful means,” Mr Labi said.
Meanwhile, ACP Labi also issued a similar deadline warning to people from Gawenglabu and Kassanga villages in the Finschhafen area who are also involved in a similar crisis.
He said he had received reports that armed men from Gawenglabu had abducted two men from Kassanga village after ordering them to strip naked at gunpoint.
They then ordered an in-law of theirs to sit on top of the two men after ordering them to lie down on the ground.
ACP Labi said reports had come to him about food gardens belonging to the Kassanga people being destroyed and of armed men roaming the area.
He warned that Dec 15 was the deadline for those causing trouble to stop or police would move in and deal with them.