Police arrest 29 in Bogia

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The National, Thursday 05th July, 2012

MADANG police have arrested 29 men who are part of a movement suspected of killing those they think practise  sorcery in Bogia, Madang.
The group recently killed seven people, four of them last Thursday.
Police said the 29 had armed themselves with spear guns, bows and arrows, mattocks, knives and axes and painted their faces with black ashes. They put up a resistance and attacked police yesterday morning but a rapid response unit managed to overcome them.
 Some escaped, including ring leaders Joe and Jesse Basilik.
Provincial police commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr said the movement had more than 500 followers in 14 communities in the Tangu area.
Six hausman were established to train men between 10 and 30 years old to find sorcerers and kill them. Three hausman are located in Biam village and other three were further inland.