Police arrest one in relation to beheading

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A 35-YEAR-old man was arrested by Wabag police yesterday in relation to the beheading of a  man by a councillor over a pig’s head in Akom village last Wednesday.
The man, known only as Anton, from the Wapukin clan, was apprehended in a raid in Pina village in the morning.
According to police, the man was one of five wanted for thebeheading of Kaki Kuku from the Sikin clan.
Last Thursday, councillor Nita Yange from the Wapukin clan was arrested by police and charged with murder.
Both the councillor and Anton appeared before the Wabag District Court for mention of the murder hearing.
Police said three other murder suspects were still on the run but their identities were known and they would be arrested soon.
They appealed to the people to cooperate with the police to arrest the three suspects at large.
“To minimise tension, I urge the suspects’ tribesmen to voluntarily surrender them to the police.
“Sooner or later, we will track them down,” Mr Lakari from the Wabag police said.
Mr Lakari said Kuku was attending a feast last Wednesday when  Yange demanded a pig’s head and went on a rampage when he could not get one.
“ Yange and his men, all under the influence of alcohol, then beheaded Kuku with bush knives,” Mr Lakari said .
He said tension was high after the killing but cooled down after Yange was arrested and charged.
Provincial police Commander Supt Michael Chare appealed to  Kuku’s tribesmen not to retaliate but allow the law to take its course and deal with the killers.
“Taking the law into your own hands will not help resolve the problem. Instead, it create more communal problems,” he added.