Police assistance needed in Huon

Lae News, Normal

The National – Monday, January 31, 2011

POLICE alone cannot curb the increasing lawlessness affecting the Zia, Suena, Yekora, Mawae and Binadere communities in the Huon Gulf district, police said.
Sgt Baku Bakuwai, a community policing officer at Waigani, National Capital District, said this after returning home from Putaera village in the Morobe south coast.
“It’s time people from Morobe south coast working in cities and towns collaborate with police and set in place mechanisms on how best to address the increase in murder, gun-trading, armed hold-ups, rapes, drug consumption, violence against women and stealing,” he said.
“We cannot ignore the fact that it’s our own family members who are causing these problems.”
Bakuwai said urban dwellers and particularly the elite, should help police and the Huon Gulf district administration to find ways to ensure people in the villages live peacefully.