Police association head urged to resign

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 01st Febuary 2012

FORMER Police Association vice-president Moses Pain has called on president Lowa Tambua and his executives to engage an independent firm to audit all its accounts.
Pain’s call came after contributors to the association’s welfare benefit fund queried why deceased members and their family members had not benefited under the scheme.
“The regime should have audited the books before taking office. To downplay these facts does not help anyone and only causes much confusion and anxiety.”
But Tambua had said earlier that as soon as the challenge over the police commissioner’s post was settled, his management would audit the association’s books.
He said the industrial registrar was the custodian of the association’s accounts since 2009 when former president Robert Ali was suspended.
He said when his team took office last Sept 29, there was “nothing” in the association’s six active accounts including the purported K20 million in welfare benefit funds supposedly given by the government.
Pain claimed the association was never bankrupt as there was close to K50 million in all its accounts but that had somehow vanished when the industrial registrar administered the association.