Police attack colleague’s home


A MAN is in police custody and investigations are underway after the home of a senior officer was sprayed with bullets by rouge policemen at Gerehu Police Barracks on Sunday.
The incident took place between 5 and 5.30pm while families were celebrating Fathers Day.
National Capital District/Central commander Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Anthony Wagambie confirmed the incident, saying: “Three to four men drove into the residence of Insp Robert Wane at the old Gerehu Police Barracks with intent to harm him.
“Insp Wane is part of the Policing the Police Taskforce that have teamed up with the Police Internal Affairs to investigate some sensitive cases in which some rogue police are involved.
“According to initial eyewitnesses, the group drove to the residence in a black SUV with tinted glass.
“A man dressed in blue police fatigue uniform came out of the vehicle with a high-powered firearm and started shooting.
“Luckily at the time Insp Wane and his family had left the residence and were at the Tasion Police Barracks close-by, across the road.
“The armed man broke into the house, brandishing the weapon.
“He may have had the intention to shoot someone or do harm. No one was in the house,” ACP Wagambie aid. “The community in the barracks started to mobilise, by this time the assailants drove out.”
ACP Wagambie said the man dressed in police uniform and firing the weapon had a hood on, making it difficult to identify him.
“The same group then shot a youth from East Sepik, wounding him in the leg.” ACP Wagambie said one of the suspects was arrested by police the same evening.
The suspect claimed to be a police reservist but investigations proved otherwise, an impersonator, ACP Wagambie said.
Relatives of the shot youth have laid a formal complaint at Gerehu police station. “I am warning any rogue police elements that we are not scared of you,” ACP Wagambie said. “You touch one and another 100 will come looking for you.
“I had warned my police personnel on my inaugural parade at Boroko police station that we will not tolerate corrupt, rogue officers.”


  • that police man is just lucky that this is Papua New Guinea and if it was other country i am very sorry my friend yu kickim bucket pinis

  • Check them all, and remove them.. these are the very people or cowards, i should say, that hide behind the uniform and do all illegal activities, one such is harassing the innocent for whatever reasons and intentions they have. i don’t know if i live to see the day when the sight of a blue uniform will be a sight of relieve and comfort to run to instead of running away from..

  • ” You touch one and another 100 will looking for you” Thank you ACP Mr Wagambie, the civil society is hardly seeking refuge with the police now days as they are not showing a proper sense of responsibility and not cable anymore in handling public matters, protecting safeties for the people and properties. People lives are at stake from the rouge officers. The behavior pattern for the police now a days on the street is very harmful and scary which you cannot seek protection or help any more whenever in danger or in need. Their pattern of behavior is continually shifting in all directions only to gain for their own benefits and self interest. ACP good initiative and start approaching by instilling harsh disciplinary to the police personals who are not upholding the dignity for the PNG Royal Police Constabulary. Thank you.

  • To think that this criminal behavior is perpetrated by presumed law enforcement officer is mind blowing. This is a criminal conduct. They came with the intent to kill. How can this be a civilized behavior from a Royal Constabulary Officer who is supposed to be a disciplinary officer????
    Police officers cannot go around shooting and harressing people like screens from the movies.
    So ridiculously ridiculous. My goodness!

  • The heading of this article is a bit off.
    “Police attack colleague’s home”. How do we know it was actually a Police officer?
    Any criminal could wear a police uniform and pose as a police officer.

    Headings like this make the public loose trust in the Police Force. Not all Police men are rogue and not all men in Police uniforms are police.

  • PM Honourable James Marape tok pinis “take back PNG” it begins at out door steps. Thank you brother Wagambie just kindly tell them to surrounder. Dear good brothers you are not super human or invisible and you have families to look after so do not make your families surfer because of your actions. Papa God em stap, seek him and you will fine peace given by Him and when hope in Him, He shall show you the way. God bless PNG

  • This is an outrageous behavior by a police officer (If). Way way low and shouldn’t be in the force. You can’t afford o buy a gun of your own. These is tax payers gun and should be used for the purpose of self-defense only. Mr Wagambie junior, I trust you, you are man of your words and action, please investigate and get this culprit out of the force.

  • Hollywood….
    Do the right thing. Find them and lock them up. Interesting times ahead for our Police Force.
    Please Sir, keep us up to date.

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