Police attack worries envoy


A RECENT incident in which a Malaysian citizen was robbed and threatened by a policeman in Port Moresby has raised concern for the Malaysian High Commission.
Head of chancery and acting high commissioner Muhd Irfan Zulkurnain said that so many Malaysians had become victims of such crime in the country which the high commission was concerned about.
In an incident on Nov 3 between 9pm and 10pm on the road outside the Holiday Inn compound in Port Moresby, a Malaysian man was stopped by a policeman at a roadblock.
The policeman demanded money after checking the registration of the vehicle and the driver’s licence licence. The man was assaulted and threatened with a gun when he refused to give the money.
“The high commission is extremely worried that Malaysians have been targeted by irresponsible people,” Zulkurnain said.
“From our records, other Malaysians, too, are victims of these crimes.
“Policemen should be the ones protecting the people and not robbing and assaulting them.
“The authorities need to do a thorough investigation on the matter.”
Zulkurnain said the victim reported the matter to the Hohola Police Station.
The victim (name withheld for security reasons) said that he was on his way to pick up his boss at the Puma Service Station at Konedobu when the incident happened.
He said police were conducting a roadblock along the way near the Holiday Inn Hotel and asked him to pull over to the side to check his vehicle and licence. The man said the policeman first demanded for whatever he had in the car.
He said when he refused, the policeman took his car keys and attempted to get his phone but he struggled with him and was punched on the face and shoulder several times.
He said the policeman took K10 in cash and licence and told him to drive off.