Police: Aunt, 16, sorry for video act

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THE “woman”, described as “animalistic and vile” for taking a video of herself abusing a toddler, is the 16-year-old aunt, who was taken to police by relatives yesterday.
According to the police, she “admitted everything” and was remorseful. She is the sister of the toddler’s father.
Acting Metropolitan Superintendent Christopher Tamari told The National that the girl regarded as a juvenile, was brought in around 5am yesterday to the Boroko police station in Port Moresby.
“She (did not) deny the crime and admitted everything,” Met Supt Tamari said.
“She expressed remorse (for) her actions,” Tamari said.
The girl has been charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of producing a pornography video with a child.
Police released her on a bail of K1,000.
She is expected to appear in court either this week or next week.
According to police, the family became aware of the video when the toddler’s mother received a message alerting her on what was posted on a social media webpage.
The toddler’s father checked the webpage saw the picture of his sister on the screen, and what she was doing.
Police said he called his sister, ran out the back door of the house, and grabbed a bush knife.
But the girl managed to flee through the gate and vanished.
She was “on the run” until Sunday evening when the police Family and Sexual Violence Unit received a message from family that she was with them.
Police told them to bring her to the police station. Her parents and other family members came with her.
Tamari thanked the family members for bringing the girl to the police station, and the police officers tasked to investigate the matter.
He said the family was trying to handle the matter the best way they could.
“While I join PNG in condemning (the juvenile’s) action, forgiveness is crucial in spiritual rehabilitation. The immediate family members are in the process of taking ownership of the issue that has brought shame to the family,” he said. Tamari said the family members hoped that the people would forgive them for what was aired publicly, and to allow them to deal with the matter.
“(They said) sorry to the community at large and ask for forgiveness,” Tamari said.
Tamari, suggested to the family members to seek counselling to assist them in moving forward from the incident as a family, and to support each other.
“They are taking steps to rehabilitate the toddler through a united family setting and upbringing through spiritual reformation.”