Police await allowances

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The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 SEVENTY-six policemen from Goilala district, Central, are still waiting in Port Moresby for allowances before being deployed to provide security in local level government elections.

They are reservists and auxiliary policemen who were supposed to have been deployed three weeks ago.

A spokesman for the officers yesterday said they were still waiting for the allowances despite giving in their supplementary list to the central police headquarters in Port Moresby.

“It was reported in the media this week that Goilala MP Daniel Mona had already allocated more than K100,000 for the use of a plane, vehicles, a helicopter and allowances for us as well but we still are unaware of where these funds are,” he said.

“There are 76 officers who are supposed to cover the three LLGs of Goilala – Woiatape, Tapini and Guari – to boost the limited police personnel already stationed in those three LLGs and it is almost three weeks now into polling and we are still waiting.

“We have spoken to the Central provincial police commander and he stated that as yet he has not seen the supplementary list that had our names on it. We have yet to get a proper brief for us to be deployed.

“The local MP should have already seen our list and released the funds on time but those funds have yet to be released to us and we have been stranded in Port Moresby using our own resources for almost three weeks, which is really not good.”