Police await pay

Lae News, Normal

The National,Wednesday18 January 2012

POLICE police personnel engaged in the three-month fighting zone operation in Lae city and parts of Nawaeb and Huon Gulf districts have yet to receive their allowances from the government.
Lae metropolitan commander Supt Nema Mondiai confirmed officers who tirelessly contributed towards containing the situation had been left in limbo awaiting their dues.
Mondiai did not disclose how much money the government owes Lae police personnel but dismissed a claim published earlier that the national government had allocated K8 million for the operations.
“During the crisis, a lot of committee groups sprouted out to curtail the same issue and the police are not aware of that figure.
“We only enforced our state obligations.
“All police officers have not received their allowances,” Mondiai said.
“If K8 million was allocated for the fighting zone operations, then where did that money go, that is what we need to find out.
“In addition, we need not use isolated issues to expunge positive results achieved throughout the unrest and the media needs to be mindful and cross check facts before publishing.”
He called on the general public to be proactive and work closely with police to report problems, if any, that arose in settlements.
“The public is assured that the fighting zone and imposition of the alcohol ban are still in force therefore be mindful of your attitude and behaviour,” Mondiai said.