Police back chamber

National, Normal

Then National, Tuesday 11th September, 2012

A GROUP of policemen in Madang have spoken out in support of concerns raised by the local Chamber of Commerce against the police hierarchy in the province. The policemen, who did not want to be named for obvious reasons, said the chamber had expressed what the public was feeling in Madang.
“The public’s confidence in Madang police at the moment is at its lowest,” an officer said. “Police are not performing.”
Another blamed this drop in confidence on the provincial police hierarchy, claiming “senior officers were not performing to expectations”.
“There is no command and control and junior officers are doing their own thing. For now, our top brass are not willing to admit their failures.”
The officer said the recent saga involving respected businessman Peter Yama was testimony to the kind of attitude senior officers were using to handle cases.
Yama’s home and property were allegedly raided by foreign police units from outside of Madang.
“We support the call that the police commissioner must look into this as a matter of priority,” the officer said.