Police boost for Voco Point

National, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 12, 2011


BANANA boats from outer coastal areas of the Morobe, especially those from the Huon Peninsula and the Siassi islands, will soon have proper berths or jetties at Voco Point. 

Many operators had opted to tie-up at Aigris market at the main Lae port or at the Esplanade beach at the end of the old  Lae airport because of the constant harassment they received from nearby Bumbu settlers when they berth at Voco Point.

There had been instances where all outboard motors were vandalized or tampered with in a single night and outboard motor operators, who also are struggling to make a living, have opted to land elsewhere because their passengers had also moved because of the crime situation.

Lae businessman and longtime resident, Hilmar Wong, has built a police station at the troubled spot and a lockup to boot. 

The area will also be upgraded into a park with proper berths for banana boats from outlying coastal areas to visit.

Once completed, Wong will be handing over these assets to police and Lae City Authority.

It is anticipated that once the police station is manned, more boats will return to Voco Point.