Police boss calls for discipline, loyalty

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The National, Monday July 8th, 2013


LAE metropolitan cc ommander Supt Iven Lakatani wants the highest discipline and loyalty from policemen and women during the local level government election.

Lakatani told more than 200 officers who braved heavy rain last Friday for the poll preparation parade at Bumbu Barracks.

“Our duty is to provide security and instil confidence in citizens during the polling and counting periods,” Lakatani said.

“But challenges of human attitude and behaviour may trigger impatience.

“Let’s manage and control our temper as the local level government election is an important constitutional event for people to exercise their democratic rights in choosing leaders.

 “Policemen and women need to be mindful of our behaviour and approaches; never apply excessive force but be aware about recent police brutality incidences and stick to providing security.

“Stick to basics, be professional in approaches and dealings despite the challenges; public safety is paramount,” he said.

Candidates and supporters were asked to respect people by allowing them to exercise their constitutional rights without fear, bribery and intimidation.

“All I want from you (police) is loyalty, commitment, dedication and team effort; we must work as a team and as a command to provide security to prove that Lae is a peaceful city,” Lakatani said.

“A higher standard of discipline based on police ethics is required from us, as law enforcers. 

“Refrain from being involved with candidates,” Lakatani warned.