Police boss’ idea hailed


EAST Sepik police commander Albert Supt Beli’s idea to locking police vehicle after 4.06pm daily and catching Public Motor Vehicle home is highly commendable.
He has instructed policemen and women to do the same to cut down the cost of fuel and missing police vehicles.
This is indeed very true.
Now, this is a challenge to Police Minister Bryan Kramer and Police Commissioner David Manning to give instructions to other provincial police commander in other centres to follow Beli’s example.
Beli should be applauded and highly praised for that.
He has finally broke the egg by setting an example for others to follow.
After initiating this, he will leave a legacy.
It’s about time, control and measures are put in place and monitored.
For decades, police officers have misused police vehicles by drinking in the vehicles and doing other illegal activities that cause damage to the vehicles and, thus, costing tax payers millions of kina every day.
Beli’s action should be taken into consideration and be implemented throughout the country.
No time to wait.
Implement it right away.

Concern Citizen,

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