Police boss must take action

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday, May 9, 2011

I BOW in shame when I read your report “Mob de­fends Wararu” (April 15).
This behavior is unbecoming of the people.
This is a sign of a weak leadership.
The East Sepik governor was asked by the police to give a record of interview in January but he failed to turn up.
All this while, he was hiding from the police until instruction was given to arrest him.
How can the people harass police and destroy state properties when the police are executing their constitutional duties?
Who encouraged the people to react this way?
This is an insult to the Royal PNG Constabulary.
If Sir Michael Somare, the founding father of this nation, can humbly turn up at the Waigani National Court house 10-15 minutes early for his trial and allow the law of this sovereign nation take its course, who is the governor to defy lawful instructions from police for four months?
I call on the acting police commissioner to ensure the East Sepik governor, his mob and some police personnel in Wewak who are taking sides face the full force of the law?


Joshua Mahungiam