Police brutality


THIS is an open letter to the Police Minister Bryan Kramer.
PNG is looking at you with a hope of ending or minimising police brutality caused by some poorly disciplined police personnel.
The Police department needs credible leaders who can help instil confidence in the force to retain and reshape its lost image.
The reason why Prime Minister James Marape selected an MP from the opposition bench is because of the zeal and determination in you to eradicate corruption.
Good minister, there are some situation that police officers break the law while executing the law.
Can you clearly define the role a police officer should comply with and their conduct while executing their duties in public?
My point is, police have the right to arrest a person who committed a crime but they do not have the right to curse or swear and use extreme force on any defenceless person.
Officers doing this, is it lawful?
In PNG, police break the laws while executing the law.
Assault and harassment caused by police officers in any form should be classified as a mutiny crime. Mutiny is synonymous to insubordination, defiance and disobedient.
Their actions are in defiance to the constabulary’s code of conduct.
Clearly draw a line so people will understand.
Citizens should be given a chance to speak and seek justice to hold those rude police accountable.

Hanam Bill Sandu

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