Police brutality


I was having a few drinks with my brothers at Konedobu at the weekend when two police vehicles loaded with officers approached us. One of them swore at us and ordered us to get into the vehicle.
I resisted because I had not done anything wrong. Six of them started punching me, they then grabbed me and threw me into the vehicle.
We were dropped off at Porebada and ordered to walk back to the city. They emptied our pockets of everything.
We did not commit any crime. We were drinking at home, not in a public place.
I do not know which section of the Constitution gives police the authority to rob people, especially when they are at home.
It is time the Police Commissioner stops playing politics and disciplines his officers.
People fear the police more than they fear criminals.
They are supposed to enforce the law and protect lives and property, but they are doing exactly the opposite. I am really disappointed and frustrated with how our disciplined forces are behaving.
I challenge the people in authority to increase the training programme for police recruits from six months to a year.
Please do something now. We are sick and tired of police brutality.

Nason Mul Solo

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