Police brutality also an issue


THE concern raised by Deputy Police commissioner and chief of administration Raphael Huafolo as appeared in The National on May 3 of police personnel dying ‘young’ attributes to natural causes while on active service is of concern.
Apart from doing regular exercises and eating the right food, as a citizen I would like to comment here.
Although, it is sad to hear a greater number of officers die due to above reasons, there is one obvious reason every citizens will also remember and that is the treatment of police officers towards the citizens.
The reported and continuous police brutality to the innocent citizens has sometimes left the injured citizens putting curse against the police officers over their inhuman treatment to citizens.
Some innocent citizens even died in the hands of some rogue police officers who don’t demonstrate professionalism but reckless attitude and inhuman action towards citizen.
Some citizens get their face defaced, kicked, punched, locked up, accepting bribery in return favour, officers under influence of alcohol while on duty and harassing citizens etc.
The officers while passing out from Bomana Police College swear an oath to abide by certain principles but, these principles are not upheld while on duty.
The officers swear on the Bible.
Remember, PNG is a Christian country and God is watching from above. If you make a promise and touch the Bible and later break the rules, one is only lying to himself/herself and faces the consequence.
The message to those few rogue police officers, please respect fellow citizens.
Don’t use excessive force just because you are in blue uniform.
Practice what you have learn from Bomana Police College.

Concern Citizen, POM

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