Police brutality part of job scope?

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 7, 2010

LAST Thursday, between 10pm and 11pm, after a function at Crowne Plaza, we were picked up by our driver.
When we came to the downtown roundabout, two rubbish drums were placed on the road.
There were no police cars or cones to indicate there was a road block.
As we were trying to avoid the drums, a group of men sitting at the bus stop shelter stood up and started swearing and walking towards us. 
When they came closer, we saw they were policemen.
They told us to get out of our vehicle and searched the vehicle for alcohol.
Of course, they could not find any.
They also demanded we hand our mobile phones to them. 
They then told our driver that because he did not stop at the road block, they would hold on to his licence and after dropping our staff, he return there and pick it up.
He returned there later with me accompanying him.
The police swore at him and I left the vehicle to explain to the policemen that the driver was sober.
All of a sudden, one of the policemen grabbed the driver and attacked him.
He then opened the vehicle’s door, shoved the driver in and slammed the door with brute force, injuring the driver’s legs.
We were then assaulted and swore at.
When they have had enough workout, we were told to go if we did not want to die.
This was blatant police brutality and abuse of human rights.
We call on the Police Department to explain whether the actions of the policemen were justified.
They must conduct an investigation and terminate those found guilty.
Police are there to enforce the law, not the opposite.


Victim of police assault
Port Moresby