Police call on Enga for help after women tortured


People hearing talks of sorcery and sorcery accusations can call acting police superintendent George Kakas.
Kakas’s phone number is 71175373.
He said people were not reporting sorcery related cases to police.
Kakas said the new police unit were ready to assist people but it needed support in terms of logistics, funding and manpower.
He said a glassman identified as Mose Kiak, 50, from Lungetenges village in the Kandep district, had been claiming to have super natural powers. He was arrested this month at Naputes village.
Kakas said sorcery related accusations were responsible for the torture and killing of innocent people in Enga.
He said Kiak has been charged with one account of murder and another count of attempted murder. He is in custody awaiting trial.
Kakas said clansmen of Lipin-Abran had torture two women after a small girl became unwell. He said the girl’s relatives accused the two women of sorcery and tortured them. Police arrested Kiak at the site.
Kakas said police were considering laying further charges.

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