Police call on business houses to help fight crime

National, Normal

PROVINCIAL police commander Insp Anthony Wagambie Jr has sent letters   appealing to business and corporate houses in Madang to help the community of council ward 8 to help in the fight against crime.
Insp Wagambie’s letter reads: “Community leaders and volunteers have worked alongside S/C Yawing to patrol and protect their own community. This has had a very lasting and positive effect. The crime rate fell dramatically.
“As a major business house in the community, I am calling on you to support the ongoing efforts. Your interaction will strengthen the effort.
“I am calling for your support in any form, may it be fuel, rations, raincoats, spot lights, etc. This will be a model for other communities and stake holders to follow.”
There have been numerous armed robberies, stone throwing, vandalism and burglaries in the area of late, he said.
Insp Wagambie Jr said he would like to see the airport police station reopened.
“There has also been an increase in the number of air travellers. The station needs to be re-opened to provide adequate security and also keep intact a good ‘first impression’ of Madang,’’ he wrote.