Police chief gets tough on rogue cops

Normal, Papua

The National –Monday, January 10, 2011

 NATIONAL Capital District Police commander Supt Joseph Tondop is concerned about reports of police officers abusing their powers and appealed to victims of police brutality to report such cases immediately to police.

This follows a claim by a group of school boys last Wednesday who said they were beaten up by police officers who forcefully took from them goods they were selling and money.

One of the boys, Bogan John from Chimbu, claimed he and his classmates from Eki Vaki Primary School were selling phones, music boom boxes and video discs outside Brian Bell at 4-Mile when they were apparently picked up by police.

John said the policemen forced them into a white tinted Landcruiser after which they were beaten several times with car fan belts.

After about five minutes, John said, the policemen confiscated the goods they were selling before letting them go.

“Some of us are just trying to make ends meet and help out our parents earn school fee money for this year,” John said. 

He said he and his friends had not reported the alleged incident to police adding that their case would not be taken seriously.