Police chief gives Hela gun warning

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Police Commissioner Gari Baki yesterday warned Hela people about withdrawing the security forces from this year’s general election if a gun-related incident takes place there.
Baki said that when he witnessed  the destruction of 96 factory-made and 719 home-made guns in Tari to end the first stage of a call-out operation.
“Now until the election, I don’t want any problems in Hela. You must tell us who still has the guns. Do not hide them. There is no purpose for you to hold them.  Only the security forces are allowed and can hold on to these weapons,” Baki said.
He said that he would return during the elections.
“But from now onwards till the writs are being issued, I will be carefully keeping an ear out throughout Hela to hear which districts are  upholding law and order until the 2017 elections,” Baki said.
“If you do create a problem, then I will withdraw the soldiers and police and there will be no elections in that problematic district. You can go and cry to the Government to do a by-election. That is your problem.”
Baki  said that he would cancel all the firearm licences that belong to  Hela leaders.
“I will go back to the police headquarters in Konedobu, Port Moresby, and check out the entire firearm registry for all leaders from Hela – whether you are a politician or a businessman,  I will cancel your licence. Then I will send all the security forces officers straight to you to get your firearm because I look after the firearms licence and no one else. No one from Hela will apply and get firearm licences. It is finished. Even if a leader goes to Port Moresby with the firearm, I will still remove his licence there and confiscate his firearm.”