Police chiefs urged to lead by example

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HIGHLANDS divisional commander Simon Kauba has urged police sectional heads to take the lead in their respective sections.
Mr Kauba said command and control were important in the police force.
He was speaking during a luncheon with Western Highlands police sectional heads, provincial police commander Supt Ambane Kaiglo, metropolitan commander Chief Insp Peter Roari and mobile squad commanders.
He told them they must take the lead, adding that their subordinates looked up to them for direction and control.
Mr Kauba said they must supervise and make sure that their officers carry out their work professionally.
He told the officers that there were outstanding issues like the investigations in various criminal activities that needed to be properly addressed.
He told his officers that people and the business houses in the province depended on them for protection and security and urged them not to let them down.
He said with the donation of six new vehicles to the police by Petroleum and Energy Minister William Duma, the police force should not have problems with transport.
Mr Kauba told his officers that if it means to follow a suspect to another province or transport a State witnesses from Mt Hagen to other provinces, they must do so using these new vehicles.