Police college thanked for gift of desks to school


A secondary school principal has thanked Bomana Police College for donating 20 desks toi the school.
Koiari Park Secondary School principal Silas Wagi told The National last Friday, after the college commandant Peter Philip and his team delivered the desks, that they were facing an influx of students.
“Our classroom capacity can take 35 students, we have enough desks to cater for them,” he said.
“But because of the disasters interrupting schools in the Highlands region, a number of parents were bringing their children to enrol them at the school.
“Because we had to take in those students, we had to make space for them and provide more desks and tables to make their study environment conducive for learning.”
Wagi said they were having around 70 students per class now and they would still require more than 100 desks to cater for all the students.
“Our normal school capacity is around 400 but now we are looking at over 1000 students,” he said.
The Bomana Police College, he said, was the only institution that he had written to for assistance.
“I would also welcome other institutions or organisations to assist us, especially with desks,” Wagi said
Philip spoke to the students about discipline and urged them to refrain from participating in school fights and other criminal activities and assist police to prevent or stop crime in the city.

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