Police commander warns officers to mind their conduct


EAST New Britain police commander Joseph Tabali has warned officers serving under his command to be mindful of their conduct when carrying out their duties.
He issued the reminder yesterday after two Kokopo-based policemen were arrested and charged with assaulting and causing grievous bodily harm to a woman and her uncle.
The woman wanted to know why police were directing her to stop the vehicle she was driving, which angered the officers, who forced her to the station and took turns at assaulting her and her uncle.
“In a recent meeting, the police commissioner spoke strongly against police brutality and violent acts committed by police officers,” Tabali said.
“I had relayed the same message to police officers during a parade recently.
“We will not tolerate rogue policemen, ill-disciplined officers and police brutality offences.
“Officers who do these will have to go.”
Early this month, a senior police officer said police behaviour and attitude could change for the better if officers started reciting the police code of ethics every time they started work.
Corporate planning director Rigga Neggi said the code of ethics summarised the duties and responsibilities of police officers and what was expected of them.